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How It Works

The capEVAP is made of a special permeable plastic that has a very strong wicking action that will keep the sweat away from your cap.


How To Install

The capEVAP is easy to install. Remove the cardboard insert that comes with most caps. Tuck the capEVAP under the band of the cap with the capEVAP.com logo facing your forehead.  

How To Clean

The capEVAP is easy to clean. Remove the capEVAP from the cap. Apply liquid detergent onto the EVAP under running water for about a minute. Lay the EVAP flat and pat it dry with a towel. Let it dry completely before re-installing it in your cap.

100%   Made in The USA

Fast evaporation! Comfortable!

No adhesive or glue! Long lasting!  

Environmentally friendly solution to help preserve caps

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What Customers are Saying from Around the Country

I really like these. They keep my cap's shape and are easy to install. – Horsehead, NY 


Works great – Inglewood, CA 


This fits perfectly in all of my caps. Really absorbs the sweat while preventing my caps from showing a wet ring. I gave one to a friend and they are in the process of ordering for themselves. 

-Tacoma, WA 


Good product. Works really well. Easy to insert and remove.

-Monee, IL 


Excellent and innovative product.  -Houston, TX