How It Works

Damage caused by perspiration and washing.

The same cap. Really!

Product Reviews

C. Allen - June 4, 2019

I like the multi-functionality of the Cap Evap. My husband has his share of caps and hats that need protection. As well, he does a lot of yard work (one of his hobbies), which means that sweat absorption is priceless; regardless of the chore or outdoor activity. The shipping was timely which allowed us to use them over the weekend. It was easy to insert the panels and they stayed in place during use without any stains on the caps that we were wearing. Will order more as needed.


Mike Prather - May 23,2019

Cap evap worked better than I expected. I’ve tried a few similar products but this one actually absorbed my sweat. My hat stayed dry and didn’t develop and sweat marks like it usually does. I would definitely recommend this product. I haven't had any of the issues people are mentioning in other reviews.


Jesse Gutierrez - September 23, 2019 

I go thru hats quick, working outside. This product definitely extends the life of hat.


Abraham Williams - November 13, 2019

I purchased the cap evap product for my wife; a runner for over 20 years. Running with a cap is her signature style. She was so excited to have a product that would not only keep the sweat away from her face but that also preserved her hats. She loves the product!

The capEVAP is made of a special permeable plastic that has a very strong wicking action that will keep the sweat away from your cap.

How To Install

The capEVAP is easy to install. Remove the cardboard insert that comes with most caps. Tuck the capEVAP under the band of the cap with the logo facing your forehead.  

How To Clean

The capEVAP is easy to clean. Remove the capEVAP from the cap. Drizzle a little liquid detergent on the surface. Rub it into the EVAP under running water for about a minute. Lay the EVAP flat and pat it dry with a towel. Allow it to dry completely befor re-installing it in your cap.